al-Majlisi (RA) writes a long narration in his book Hayaat al-Quloob (Part Two), about one of the incidents that took place during Me’raj:

At Bayt al-Ma’moor, The Prophet (S) beheld The Ka’bah directly under him, so that if he had dropped anything from his hand, it would have fallen on its roof. The Prophet (S) says:

I heard a voice saying, ‘This is the sacred place, and you are the ordained Prophet, imparting honor to the temple. Whatever exists on earth has its similitude in Paradise’.

My Lord then commanded me to open my hand, and take of the water flowing from the right pillar of The Empyrean, which I did; and for this reason it became meritorious to take up water for ablution with the right hand.

A voice then commanded, ‘Wash your face with this water that you may be pure to behold The Light of My Majesty and Glory. Then wash your hands, for you will take My Word. Then draw your wet hands over your head and your feet, which signifies that I will draw The Hand of Mercy over your head, and send down My Blessings on you. Drawing the hand over the foot will elevate you up through several regions where no foot has ever trodden, nor will it ever after you’.

The Most High then commanded, ‘Turn towards The Black Stone which is before you and extol Me according to the number of curtains by saying ALLAHU AKBAR!’ On account, seven repetitions of this phrase have been recommended for Prayer, because there were seven curtains.

He (S) passed the seven heavens and seven curtains of exaltation and glory, and arrived near the place of communion with The Merciful Lord of Glory. Prayer is The Celestial Ascent of The Believer. When the perfect believer thus ascends, and recites the seven Takbeers, the curtains of darkness, which on account of errors of worldly inclination come between him and The Most High, are removed, and he approaches The Lord of The lords.

The Lord then commanded The Prophet (S), ‘Now you have arrived at this place of communion with Me, pronounce My Name’. Accordingly The Prophet (S) said, ‘In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful’, and thus this phrase became established as the beginning to each chapter.

Being commanded to offer praise, he said, ‘Thanks to Allah (SWT), The Lord of The Universe’, and proceeded in this manner till he recited the whole Chapter ‘Praise be to Allah (SWT), The Lord of all creations’.

A voice then commanded him to recite The Chapter of Divine Unity, saying, ‘That Chapter is a description of My Praise and Attributes. What likeness can exist between Me and My creations?

After I had recited this Chapter, ‘Say! Allah is One; He is Perfect; He neither begets, nor is begotten; and there is none like Him’, the voice said, ‘Bow before My exaltation, and put your hands on your knees and look toward My Empyrean’.

On doing this, Light from The Glory of God overpowered me, and I fell into a swoon, and by divine inspiration, I said, ‘Praise and Thanks to The God of The Glory’. In purity I named the Lord of exaltation, and I am employed in His Praise.

After repeating this I soon recovered, and the tremor of my spirit subsided, when by divine inspiration, I had seven times pronounced the ascription of praise. It was then ordained that this expression of praise should, in the performance of Prayer, be recited in the bending position.

Allah (SWT) then commanded me to raise my head and stand erect, I heard the voices of the angels uttering praises and ascribing unity and thanksgiving to God. I said, ‘Allah (SWT) hears everyone that utters His Praises’.

I looked up and saw a light more intense than that which had caused me to swoon before, and my fear was greater than in the former instance. Out of awe, I fell into prostration before The King, The Lord of The Glory, and placed my face in the dust of humility, and on account of the exaltation, I witnessed, seven times repeated by divine inspiration, ‘Glory and praise to The Exalted Allah’. At each repetition of this ascription, my terror diminished, till I recovered from the state of the overwhelming awe, and attained to perfect knowledge of Allah (SWT).

I then raised my head from prostration, and sat till I recovered from the amazement into which I had fallen. By divine inspiration, I again looked upward, and saw a light more overpowering than I had witnessed before, and again fell involuntarily in prostration before The Lord, and repeated seven times, ‘Glory and praise to Allah’. Thereafter, I was more worthy of beholding the divine lights.

I again raised my head, and sat for a while, and looked toward the angels.

For this reason, al-Majlisi (RA) says, two prostration in (a unit of) Prayer were established, and sitting a short time after them became meritorious.

The Prophet (S) continues,

I then arose and stood in the attitude of a servant before my Lord, when He commanded me to recite again The Chapter of Praise, and afterwards The Chapter of Power (Qadr). I again bent with my hands on my knees, and then prostrated myself with my head on the ground. As I was about to rise, The Most High commanded, ‘Mention My favors to you and pronounce My Name’.

By divine inspiration I said, ‘In The Name of Allah, and by Him, There is no God but Allah, and all perfect names belong to Allah’.

When I had repeated the two testimonies, He commanded, ‘Pronounce blessings on yourself and on your Family’. I prayed, ‘O Allah! Have mercy on me and on my Family’, which was answered with blessings from The Most High.

On looking around, I beheld the angels and spirits of The Prophets arrayed in ranks behind me, and The Most High Commanded me to salute them and I said, ‘Peace be upon you and The Mercy and Blessings of Allah’. The Most High then addressed me saying, ‘I am your Peace, Mercy, and Blessing, and of the Imams after you’.